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Memorial Carillon Concert

Albany City Hall Carillon

September 11, 2003, Noon

Dr. Charles Semowich, Carillonneur

1. Lacrimosa, Dies Ill (K. V. 626) by W. A. Mozart Towers (In Memory to all who perished Sept. 11, 2001) by Alfred V. Fedak

2. Dirge by Samuel Barber Elegie by Camil Van Hulse

3. A Solemn Melody for Heavy Bells by John Gordon Valse Triste-In Memoriam 9-11-2001 by Pasquale Tassone

4. Pavane for a Dead Child by Maurice Ravel, arr. Bob von Wely Threnody (for Victims of Sept. 11, 2001) by Abram M. Plum

5. Memorial by Theophil Rusterholz Remembrances-9-11 by Charles Semowich

6. Pie Jesu (from the Requiem) by G. Faure, arr. Roy Krozen Prelude Solemnel, by W. Lawrence Curry

7. Epicedium-9/11, by Peter Paul Olejar Mournful Dirge for Carillon, by Emerson Meyers

8. In Memoriam-Sept. 11, 2001, by John Courter

Each selection will be announced by the ringing of a single bell indicating which piece is to be played.