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I am a private art dealer and have many pieces of art for sale at low prices. I welcome inquries about these items in my collection. Photographs and detailed information will be sent upon request. I am also interested in purchasing fine art or representing estates. I am available for preparing appraisals and consultations.

Some Artists Currently Available

Prints by Laszlo Dus, Fumio Kitaoka, Gilberte Brilliant,Philp Cheney, etc. Paintings by Amy Spingarn, Nivola, William S, Laughran, Monreal, Semowich, Natalie Shalita,Folke W:son Berg, James W. Fosdick, Leon Dabo, P. LaTortue, Robert Beers, Idelle Weber, Robert Kaupelus, Frank Treasure, Tor Hoff, E. Muse, K. Probyn, Basko, Rondell, Ingermann, Gillis, Monreal, Denis Joyce, etc.

contact information

Call (518) 449 4756 for information or write Charles Semowich, 242 Broadway, Rensselaer, NY12144, email address, or