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The Albany City Carillon

Welcome to the home page of the Friends of the Albany City Carillon.You'll find information about the Albany Carillon, concerts and other activities.

We have just reconstucted the site so not all links are active yet.


Weekly Concerts at Albany City Hall:

Tuesday noon Charles Semowich
Wednesday noon Amy Heebner
Thursday(alternate) 12:30pm Pieter Blonk

Current Projects

We are planning a concert series next year for June and July. Most concerts will take place on Sundays at 3 PM.

Contact Information



This is a non profit group incorporated un the laws of New York State. We are dedicated to the furtherance of the Albany City Carillon. We sponsor concerts, lectures, publications and activities related to the carillon. Membership is open to all and may be tax deductible. We have three classes of membership, Active $5 , Patron, $15, and Benefactor $50. Members receive special invitations, a private tour of the bell tower, may request specific music, discounts on carillon items and a newsletter. Send dues, name, address, e-mail address to the address below.

Street address
Friends of the Albany City Carillon
c/o Mayor's Office
Albany City Hall
Albany, NY 12144

Electronic mail address

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Comments and Suggestions

Please send me mail telling me what you think about this page and how I might improve it.

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