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Programme Albany july 10 Peter Bremer


1 Two highly romantic pieces

a. Basso Ostinato A. Arensky

b. Capricho Arabe F. Tarrega

2. Drie popular pieces J.S.Bach

-a.Siciliano from altblokfluitsonate

-b.Wohl mir dass ich Jesum habe

-c.Ave Maria (Ch.Gounod)

3. Medly from "My Fair Lady" F.Loewe

-Wouldn’t it be lovely

-I’ve grown accustomed to her face

-On the street where you live


4.Violinconcerto A-moll A.Vivaldi

-allegro non troppo



5. Great American Carillon Music from the 20th cencury G.White



6. Two improvisations on popular themes

-Stormy weather H.Arlen

-Georgia on my mind H.Carmichael

7. Musique du salon

-Melodie d’amour H. Englemann

-Reine de Musette J.Peyronnin

8. Blaze Away March & Two-Step A.Holzmann



Arrangementen:1 b Marco de Goey, 8 Carlo van Ulft, 1a,2,4 and 7 Peter Bremer