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Peter Bremer, born 1956, studied at the Dutch carillon school with Leen t Hart and Peter Bakker. He graduated in 1984. He also studied musicology at the University of Utrecht (master degree 1986).

He is full-time active as a carilloneur since 1990 when he was appointed as city carilloneur of Brielle. In this town he plays the beautiful Hemony carillon. He is also city carilloneur of some towns in the southern part of the Netherlands : Valkenswaard, Vught, Heusden and Son. The three other instruments he plays on a regular basis are situated in the middle of the country in Zeist, Haastrecht and Culemborg.

Since 1992 Peter Bremer is working as carillon teacher at the university of Twente, he also teaches this instrument in Son. He collaborated in the making of several LP, CD and radio recordings and awarded first prizes in international carillon competitions at home and abroad.

Peter Bremer played in the United States, Germany, France and on all major carillons in the Netherlands and Belgium.

During his studies and during the period he was working as a researcher at the musicology department of the Utrecht University he specialized in 18th century chamber music and in carillon music from that period.

He is a member of the board of the Dutch Carillon Society and chairman of the music-publishing committee.