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Carillon Concert

Albany City Hall

July 20, 2003, 1 PM

Charles Semowich, Carillonneur

  1. Planxty Lawson by Andrian Patrick  Gebruers
  2. Celebrations by Peter Schickele
  3. Preludium, Fuga en Allegro by J. S. Bach, arr. Peter Bremer
  4. Melodie D’Amour by H. Englemann, arr. Peter Bremer
  5. Air & Dance by Alice Gomez
  6. Parable for Carillon by Vincent Persichetti
  7. Little Suite for Carillon by Camil Van Hulse
  8. Intrada by Charles Semowich
  9. Variations on Lord of the Dance, (Shaker tune) by Laura Hewitt Whipple