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Carillon Concert

Albany City Hall

July 4, 2002, 2 PM

Charles Semowich, Carillonneur

1. 13 Strikes on the bourdon bell as part of the "Let Freedom Ring" national event.

2. 18th Century Patriotic Pieces

Yankee Doodle, arranged by Milford Myhre

Washington Marches, 1, 2, 3. arranged by Milford Myhre and Bill De Turk

President’s March, arranged by Milford Myhre

Chester, by William Billings, arranged by Milford Myhre

America, arranged Leen ‘t Hart

Star Spangled Banner, by John Smith, arranged by M. Myhre

3. 19th Century Patriotic Songs

The Flag by Fox, arranged by Charles Semowich

When Johnny Comes Marching Home by Louis Lambert, arr. M. Myhre

National Hymn, arranged by Phyllis Webb

Battle Hymn of the Republic, arranged by Leen ‘t Hart

4. American Folk Tunes

Holy Manna, arr. Phyllis Webb

Indian Medicine Song, Yoke, arranged by Leen ‘t Hart

Poor Wayfaring Stranger, arranged by Milford Myhre

Go ‘Way from my Window, arranged by Milford Myhre

All the Pretty m Little Horses, arranged by Milford Myhre

Shenandoah, arranged by Milford Myhre

He’s Gone Away, arranged by Milford Myhre

Blow the Man Down, arranged by Milford Myhre

5. American Songs

Theme from New York, New York, by John Kander, arr. by Gerald Martindale

Village Bells, by Stephen Foster, arranged by K. Keldermans

Moonlight Serenade by Glenn Miller, arranged by Jos Lerinckx

Take me out to the Ball Game, by Albert Tilzer, arr. R. Giszczak

6. 20th Century American Patriotic Pieces

Let’s all be Americans Now by Irving Berlin, arranged by C. Semowich

Fanfare for the Common Man, Aaron Copland, arranged by Roger Brison




The smallest bell will ring the number of each section.