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Charles Semowich

August 5, 2000, 3:00 PM


1. Fanfare for the Common Man

Aaron Copland

Arr. Roger Brison

2. Prelude for Albany

Robert Starer

3. Choral Partita II, Harmony of Zion

John Knox

4. Daar was een Sneeuwwit Vogeltje

Kees van Eersel

5. Shinju

Ken Veno

6. Chaconne

Dimitri Cervo

(Dedicated to the performer by this Brazilian composer)

7 Asteroids

Gary White

8. Prelude

Charles Semowich

9. Pastorale and Toccata Gaia

Johann Franco

10. Arabesque

Emilien Allard

11. Concerto Opus 3 No.3

Antonio Vivaldi

Arr. Karel Keldermans

12. Chorus and March (Judas Maccabaeus)

G. F. Handel

Arr. Sally S. Warner