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Program recital Auke de Boer (Kollumerzwaag-Holland)

July 31, 2001

City Hall Albany N.Y.

Baroque music

1. Sonate en la menor Manuel de Gamarra (arr. Auke de Boer)

Gamarra is an unknown Basque composer. The only thing we know about him is that he was choirmaster of the "Real Sociedad Vascongado" in Victoria in 1782.

This one part sonata is composed like Scarlatti did.

The English lute compositions

2. a. Lady Hunsdon's Alman John Dowland (1563-1626)

b. Queens Elizabeth's Galliard John Dowland

c. Go from my window Anon. (all arr. Auke de Boer)

The lute, an older string instrument was in the 16-18 century very popular at courts to play dance music or accompany singers. Every single line is followed by a variation.

French Court music

3. Parts from Suite 1 Marin Marais (1665-1725) arr. Auke de Boer

originally for gamba and basso continuo




Double Sarabande

Marais was a student of Jean Lully, his replacement as leader of the 'Academie Royal de Musique'. He was also gamba player in the chamber orchestre of king Louis XIV and XV.

This dance suites are a culmination point for the gamba music.

Original carillon music

4. Sweelinck Fantasie Albert de Klerk (1917-1999)

De Klerck, organist of the Bavo church in Haarlem, made a fantasia in which he used fragments of the famous Sweelinck songvariation "Est ce mars"

Rococo music

5. a. Variations on "Ah, vous dirai-je maman"

Johann Chr. Fr. Bach (1732-1795) arr. Auke de Boer

Bach's son Johann Fr. was "Cammer Musicus" at the court of earl of Bückeburg.

The melody, well known in Europe, was an inspiration to many composers.

. b. Andante (from the Londonner Skizzenbuch K.V. 109 b: no. 10 (1764)

Wolfgang A. Mozart (1756-1791) arr. Auke de Boer

This 'andante' Mozart composed at the age of 8 is a simple but very lyric melody.

Romantic music

6. a. Slavonic dance opus 72 :2 Antonin Dvorák (1841-1904) arr. John Courter

b. Humoresque opus 101:7 id, arr. Leen t Hart

In his music Dvorak used folk tune elements. Is this a raison why his music was always so

popular? Both pieces are heard in diverse arrangements and as you can hear even for carillon.


Original carillon music

7. Big Ben Fantasie Mr. Romke de Waard (* 1919)

In this fantasy, Romke de Waard, former president of the Dutch Carillon Guild and judge of the Supreme Court in the Netherlands, combines some English folksongs with the Westminster tune.


8. a. Sarabande (1952) Ronald Barnes (1927-1999)

b. Waltz for carillon

Sarabande is a small but the first of a long series of compositions by Barnes for carillon The Sarabande dedicated to Edward Hugdal, carillonneur of Winconsin. The waltz is a wistfully tune in a slow waltz time.

Music for a while

9. a, On a San Antonio River Robert Byrnes

b, Lady Jane Mick Jagger/Keith Richard (arr. Auke de Boer)

c, My Way Claude Francois (arr. Auke de Boer)

Some easy listening music to show out the recital. "Lady Jane" I arranged when in 1999 the Rolling Stones

had a concert in Groningen and I had to play it in the pre-concert. "My Way" is made popular by Frank Sinatra.

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